Schedule Your Test Drive

Once you finalized your dream car, You can schedule test drive of your dream car



  1. A car that suits our needs perfectly is vital to our quality of life. We spend so much time driving, that it becomes extremely important that the car we buy fits in with our needs and driving style.
  2. It becomes imperative, then, that we gather all our resources, and our wits, about us, when we make that important decision of choosing the car that is in perfect sync with our needs, desires and yes, aspirations. This is where the all-important test drive comes into the picture. It is a wise decision to book a test drive for the car you like, before finalizing it.
  3. In today’s age, the car market abounds with a huge number of motor companies and innumerable car models in myriad variants. Add to that, the cacophony of in-your-face advertising campaigns, all of which scream the various advantages of the cars they espouse. In such a scenario, it becomes a herculean task for car buyers to zero in on the car that is just right for them.
  4. Since buying a car is a big ticket investment, it is important that consumers get it right at the first go itself. If a pair of shoes you bought isn’t the right fit for you, you can get it exchanged, but there’s no exchange policy for a car, if you buy one that is simply not right for you. That is the reason why it is so important for you to book a test drive for it, drive it first hand and then decide.
5 Tips for a Clever Test Drive

Before taking the wheel, make certain that you understand the parameters of that dealership’s test driving policy. In some cases, a dealership’s insurance policy may require that a salesperson or dealership employee ride with you as you test drive. If you are allowed to test drive a vehicle alone, ask a dealer if their insurance policy covers accidents that happen when a customer is driving one of their vehicles.
Before driving a car that is unfamiliar to you, ask the car salesperson who is helping you to explain how the car is operated. Ask where the turn signals are and if there is anything unusual about how the cars transmission system operates. If you are interested in a car’s navigation system, radio, stereo, or how to use a car’s convertible top, ask for a demonstration before you test drive. Focus on driving when taking a potential vehicle for a test drive.
If you are unfamiliar with driving a car with a manual transmission, or stick shift, do not attempt to learn while taking a test drive.
Drive on roads that mimic your normal driving activity. For example, if you have a long commute on an interstate highway every day, it would probably be a good idea to test drive potential vehicles on a nearby stretch of interstate. Drive a route that will allow you to experience how the car handles high speeds, stop and go traffic, inclines, declines, and bumpy roads.
There are a couple of key things that you should pay attention to when test driving a vehicle: how smoothly the car accelerates, how easily the car is to steer, how the car handles bumps or stretches of rough road, visibility, and comfort.