The Honda Motors is a Japanese origin company. It was established on September, 1948 and began its operations in India by 1995 as HCIL ( Honda Cars India Limited). They are one of the best engine manufacturers all over the world. Their set up at an initial investment of over Rs. 4.5 billion. They are spread all over India with 331 dealership outlets across 121 cities in 20 states and 3 Union Territories.

HCIL has introduced best premium cars in India with multiple fuel options, specifications and amazing looks. It has 9 models that are launched in India which are Honda City, Honda Amaze, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda Jazz, Honda WRV, Honda BRV, Honda Brio and Honda CR-V.

Honda Car Models

Honda Brio

Rs.5.23 lakhs - 6.95 lakhs*

Automatic/Manual|Petrol | 17-19KMPL

Honda Amaze

Rs. 6.1 - 7.1 Lakh*

Automatic/Manual|Diesel/Petrol | 19.5 - 27.4 kmpl

Honda Civic

Rs.17.78 - 22.5 Lakh*

Automatic/Manual| Diesel/Petrol | 16.5 to 26.8KMPL

Honda BR-V

Rs.9.5 - 11.41 Lakh*

Automatic/Manual| Diesel/Petrol | 15.4 to 21.9kmpl

Honda Jazz

Rs.6.7 - 7.8 Lakh*

Automatic/Manual| Diesel/Petrol | 18.2KMPL

Honda WR-V

Rs.7.8 - 12.1 Lakh*

Automatic/Manual|Diesel/Petrol | 17.5 to 25.5KMPL

Honda CR-V

Rs.28.4 - 39.6 Lakh*

Automatic/Manual| Diesel/Petrol | 14.4 to 19.5KMPL

Honda City

Rs.11.0 - 17.4 Lakh*

Automatic/Manual| Diesel/Petrol | 17.14 to 25.6KMPL