Tata Harrier is an excellent SUV

Pallavi Tiwari, 4/10/2019


Tata Harrier

Tata Harrier is an excellent SUV and definitely a highway cruiser!

Harrier, SUV from Tata Motors is built on the OmegaArc architecture derived from Land Rover’s D8 platform has been launched in January 2019.

TATA Motors has been one of the earliest automobile Indian superpowers. Home to cars like Tata Nano and Tata Sumo the company has earned a strong reputation and now has a very strong fan following. Enter TATA Harrier, a mid-sized SUV placed against the likes of XUV500 and Jeep Compass. The car was first previewed at Auto Expo 2018 and hit the market back in January 2019. The car is positioned between the Tata Nexon and Tata Hexa. The car is also priced across the same lines as XUV500. Let us take a closer look at the car and understand it's good, bad and if it’s something one should invest in.

Tata Harrier - Exterior

The car looks good. The LEDs at the top give the car an aggressive look and the fact that the low-set xenon lamp looks particularly good at night. From the side, the car looks like the perfect mix of Nexon and H5X concept. The proportion is fair with a large wheel arch and a rising window line that meets at the D-pillar. This results in a floating roof effect which has a nice, brushed-metal panel with 'Harrier' emblazoned across it. The wheels could have been way better. They look way too ordinary and hamper the spectacle the design was going for. The rear showed a heavy leaning towards the H5X concept. The rear windscreen is narrow and at times doesn’t give a great view. There is also a narrow black glossy strip which is part LED, it looks good. Overall the car seems good but could have had a better fitting, which on close observations one can find could have been used at multiple places.

Tata Harrier - Interior

Interior is a place where TATA Motors has had major trouble in getting right. Even with some of its recent cars, TATA has failed to get the interior job done fairly. However, with this car, they have shown a lot of improvement. A soft leather dash top, a grand slab of imitation wood, which is actually plastic, on the dash and thick metallic door handles one can already understand that TATA has worked a lot on the interiors. The front seat is also spacious but the lumbar support could have been better. The cabin in which insight feels luxurious and free could have done a better job in being put together. The dashboard simply looks elegant. The touch 8.8inch touchscreen looks like an independent unit while the HVAC controls sit in a neatly bound by a strip. The door grab handles which are finished in perforated leather simply add to the richness. The wheel could have been designed in a better way, it simply feels out of place in what looks like a very high-end cabin. However, while creating what seems like a great painting a few flaws have managed to creep in. The vehicle has two USB ports but they are almost impossible to find. There are no lock-unlock buttons anywhere. Also, the wing mirrors look nice but fail to serve their purpose of giving clear vision as they are set very high. Rear seats have huge space and are very comfortable. It can easily take up to three people. The windows are huge and if you sit high up you get to view the great view outside. Something which is missing is the sun-roof. It is a much-required facility in high-end vehicles today. Also for long journeys and beautiful terrains windows, however large they may be, simply cannot serve the function a sunroof can. There is no third row in the current vehicle, however, the company has announced a 7 seater version for 2020. The boot hosts a capacity of 425 litres. That doesn’t sound much but the way it has been designed it can carry a lot of stuff behind. Which is amazing! However, some large bags may not come in the parcel tray which will have to be moved to get them in. The company has been very generous with equipment for this car. It includes keyless entry and goes, auto climate control, a rear-view camera and rear parking sensors, cruise control, six airbags, auto headlamps and wipers, cornering lamps, the 9-speaker JBL sound system with a subwoofer, and puddle lamps that project the car’s silhouette on the road. The car comes with dual screen features which help in utilizing all of these features. The dual screen also allows you to use a smartphone-like service, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. One screen is 8.8 inch and the other is 7.0 inch. The screen also displays various driving modes and even gives navigation service.

Tata Harrier - Driving

The first thing one will notice is that it has a noisy engine. The engine makes noise even at the slightest speed, which at points can even result in high irritation and distraction. Then there’s a driveline clunk each time you get on and off the power. This leaves a not-so-great first impression even if you’re a passenger. To drive Harrier provides a rather good experience. The clutch and gearshift action is very light for this sort of big car and it’s quite responsive off the line. It gets three drive modes – Eco, City and Sport. The first two don’t feel very different, which is very good as it doesn’t make driving feel like a chore. However, when you want to drive quickly, even City mode just won’t do it so you’ll want to shift up into 'Sport' mode.

Tata Harrier – Should you buy?

At low speeds the steering is a bit heavy; because of the old-school hydraulic unit. However, you’ll enjoy the steering at higher speeds for the greater sense of control the car gives you. That doesn’t mean that makes the car an easy to handle SUV. Nope, it is a large car which requires a lot of attention. The breaks are good but could have improved in the bite point. Overall, a good car from Tata.

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